Call Parking Ringback


By default, parking lots created in the 710 – 719 range will have ringback enabled.

This means that calls parked in this range will “ring back” to the original extension that parked the call after the default 5 minute timer has expired.

More information on Call Parking

Can you make calls ringback to a different extension?

Yes. These steps will show you how to park a call using extension XXX and make it ring back to extension YYY.

**In this example “User – 9101” will be the ring back destination for any call parked at lot 721.**

1. Create a parking lot in a range that does NOT have ringback already enabled. For example 720 – 749.

2. Go to the Users page, un-check Hide System Users and select the applicable parking lot User.

3. Go to the Answering Rules tab, edit the default rule, and enter the ring-back-to destination in the “When Unanswered” field. Do NOT edit any other field.