Creating Time Frames

Time Frames determine specific hours of certain days or a span of days when features like Time of Day Phone Number Routes and User Answering Rules will be active.

A PBX system may have multiple time frames to help determine all the specific times when certain actions or operations may occur.

Common time frames may include:

  • “Business Hours” like Monday – Friday, 9AM – 6PM.
  • “Holidays” like July 4, January 1, etc…. 


  • It is a good idea to have one or more time frames ready before you begin creating time of day phone number routes and answering rules.
  • Give your time frames meaningful names that describe the time period and purpose.
  • Time Frames created at the system level are shared and can be used for system features and user features.
  • Time Frames created by a User can only be used by that User.
  • The same Time Frame can only be used per feature or setting.

There are 3 types of Time Frames.

  1. Always: Always active 24/7/365
  2. Days of Week and Times: Good for creating schedules with one or more days of the week.
  3. Specific Dates or Ranges: Good for creating schedules with specific calendar dates.

Creating Time Frames

1. Login to the PBX Dashboard and go to the Time Frames page.

2. The first type of time frame you should create is an “Always” or “Catchall” time frame. This will kick in when no other time frame is applicable.

3. Next you may want to create a “Business Hours” time frame. For this type of time frame you will use the “Certain days of the week and times” option.

4. Some Customers like Doctors offices may have 2 ranges within the one day when they are open. For example: 9AM – 1PM and 2PM – 5PM. To create a split range like this click on the green + sign.

5. You can also create a “Holiday” time frame with certain calendar days you know will be closed or need special routing that you would like to configure in advanced. For this type of time frame you will use the “specific date or ranges” option. If specifying a single day like July 4 select the same date in the From and To. If specify a date range pick the first and last date like December 31 and January 1. To add multiple days or ranges click the green + sign.

Don’t forget that you can create as many time frames as you’d need or like.