Music on Hold Settings for a Call Queue

Call Queues inherit the MoH files uploaded to the the PBX at the system level.

However, it’s possible to upload MoH files that are dedicated to each queue.

This allows you to have custom messages for Sales and Support queues as needed.

To Manage MoH files for a Call Queue.

1. Log in to the PBX Dashboard as an admin, office manager or supervisor.

2. Go to the Call Queues page.

3. Click the Edit MoH icon for the applicable queue.

4. Click the Add Music button.

5. In the Add Music window Browse and add a file then enter a Song Name.

6. Once done click Upload

7. Repeat to add more files.

Music on Hold Settings

While on the Music on Hold page you can click the Settings icon to manage some options.

  • Enable Music on Hold: Un-checking will disable MoH
  • Randomize Music on Hold: Check to shuffle the sound files.
  • Play Introductory Greeting: Check to force an intro greeting before playing MoH files.

Reorder MoH Files

You can reorder MoH files fs you prefer that are used in a specific order. After making your adjustments make sure to click Save.