Hosted PBX User Voicemail Box Features

This article is to touch base basics of how voicemail works and on the many features our Hosted PBX voicemail box system has to offer in customizing users experience. Please note that all VM boxes will require setup of a Voicemail Greeting and Recorded. Name before a user is able to check any messages.

Voicemail Star Codes:

Voicemail – Check Another Extension *97 Dial *97 . The system will prompt you for the extension number and password.
Voicemail – Check Own Extension *98 Dial *97. The system will prompt you for the password.
Voicemail – Direct Transfer * Transfer to or Dial * + the extension number. This will route the call directly to the voicemail of the dialed extension and the device will not ring.


A. Enable Voicemail 

All users by default will have a voicemail box enabled. To disable this feature for a user, simply uncheck the box and save changes.

B. Inbox > Options

This field allows for customization of how the Voicemail Box operates.
           i. ‘Sort voicemail inbox by latest first’
               If this is left unchecked, the voicemails will be announced oldest to newest.

ii.‘Announce voicemail received time’
              This will announce the time & date the message was recorded

iii. ‘Announce incoming call ID’
               This will announce the caller ID of the recorded message.

C. Inbox > Number of Messages

This section allows you to see the total number of messages (both saved and new) in this voicemail box.

D.  Inbox > Copy to extension(s)

This feature allows for voicemails sent to this user to be copied on another user’s voicemail box.
This is limited to a Max of 10 additional extensions.
Note that this copy feature does not delete the voicemails from the origin voicemail box.

E. Data

Limit: This shows how much data you must have save voicemails to this inbox. To expand this storage, you will have to reach out to your account manage and request a voicemail data increase.
Used: This will display how much data is has been used in this voicemail inbox.

F. Greetings

This section allows management of the ‘Voicemail Greeting’(s) and ‘Recorded Name’ of a user.
Once a user has created their Greeting and Recorded name, this section will appear as so

Our platform allows for the audio to playback , be downloaded , and managed  without having the user log into their device. A user can also have multiple Voicemail Greetings setup. For example, if a user wants to implement a different greeting for when they’re on ‘Vacation’ or ‘Holidays’ they can easily switch between greetings inside the portal. If a user is also does not have a device available to record, but wants to update their Greetings or Recorded Name, our platform offers to call an off-net number of their choice to be called. The Caller ID of that user will be the number that calls. Once the call is picked up, they will be prompted to begin recording their message.
*Note: If the call is not answered and a voicemail box is reached, the system will very likely record the voicemail box message it reached. In this case, you will have to wait about 60 seconds for the system to

G.Unified Messaging > Email Address(es)

This allows for copies of voicemails to be sent to an email.

H. Unified Messaging > Email Notification

Our voicemail to email system also offers a variety of ways to send an e-mail notification. As well as options for warning when the mailbox is getting full & when a user has missed a call. Below is a screenshot of the types of customization for how an email can be received: